Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM)

The cost of having a 24/7 IT team is very much a justifiable expense when compared with financial loss due to downtime resulting from technical issues. Modern day work environments are heavily reliant on the availability of their technology and IT network. Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) is a great addition to any in-house tech or MSP that does not have an RMM tool. Unexpected downtime and hindered performance to production are now a thing of the past. RMM uses diagnostic tools to automatically perform system analyses, while remote monitoring improves hardware by recording performance data; in other terms, RMM can prevent problems before they occur.

NeoLore Networks Inc. can provide you with a customized RMM service to minimize your downtime and increase business productivity.

NeoLore Networks Inc. turnkey RMM is for:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Office Networks
  • Mobile devices

Prevention is the answer to increased productivity

The focus of RMM is on prevention rather than reaction. Your systems are carefully monitored, we store and analyze your systems statistics and isolate any irregularities in performance, so that we can address and remedy any issues or potential threats before the chance of data loss, downtime or a derail in productivity.

What can it do

NeoLore Networks Inc. fully configured RMM tool can:

  1. Perform Asset Management
  2. Install critical Windows updates and patches
  3. Delete Temp files and Recycle Bin files that take up precious space
  4. Defragment the hard drive
  5. Scan for viruses and malware

plus more, all scheduled during non-business hours

Who can benefit from this service

  1. Small to Mid-Size Businesses that need a full Remote Management & Monitoring solution but do not have the budget to implement one
  2. IT staff who work directly onsite and need a robust RMM solution to manage their systems
  3. Other Managed Service Providers who do not want the expense or have the expertise to setup a complicated RMM tool

As professional IT specialists, NeoLore Networks is proud to work as your technical partners.

We provide a cost effective solution the ensures that the networks you manage gets all of the benefits and tools you would expect from large IT departments, leaving you to focus on other areas.

Our commitment to ensuring that you get the best out of your technology is second to none, don’t leave it till last minute.

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