Remote Backup of Onsite Data

It seems Cloud Computing is the IT buzzword on everybody’s lips and it’s certainly true that by moving your data and applications to the cloud you’ll see a huge improvement in your company’s productivity and profitability. But what about the info still stored on your onsite servers? Your data stored in the cloud is safe but what would happen to your business in the event of a disaster that caused your files, folders, emails and databases to be lost?

You know that backing up data is crucial but how often do you actually get round to doing it? If performing backups are just another task on your long list of things to do it’s time to let NeoLore Networks Inc take care of them for you.

Remote Backup of Onsite Data - Ottawa, Gloucester, Gatineau

Are you at risk?

Put quite simply, yes. Data loss has a huge impact and can be the result of a number of situations.

  • Hard drive failure. Did you know that the fail rate for hard drives is 2-4%. These failures can be caused by an electronics fault on the circuit board or buggy, or by out-moded firmware.
  • Human error. Yes, it happens and it’s also the most likely cause of your data going missing. Even the most trusted employee can slip up and accidentally delete, overwrite or lose vital data.
  • Natural disasters. You might think it’s never going to happen but natural disasters do occur. And we’re not just talking earthquakes. Think fire, flood or even a power surge. Combined they may only account for 3% of all data loss incidents but when a single drop of water can short a computer it suddenly doesn’t seem so trivial.
Remote Backup of Onsite Data - Ottawa, Gloucester, Gatineau

Losing your data really can be one of the worst challenges a business can face. According to experts around 50% of small and medium sized businesses experience some sort of data loss. The average cost to each company? Around $3000 worth of employee downtime and data recovery attempts.

Gain peace of mind with NeoLore Networks Inc

Our remote backup services make managing your data backup easy. We’ll proactively protect your data remotely, performing frequent and automatic backups and harmonious data restoration.

How we can help

  • Our innovative virtualization engine takes snapshots of your servers to provide near continuous backups almost in real-time
  • No files or folders will be excluded thanks to the snapshot encompassing the entire partition at the block level on the hard drive
  • The whole image is mounted as a volume on the NAS device which means files can be copied to the destination server right over the network. This smooth recovery process takes under five minutes
  • We’ll provide the hardware and configuration settings that you need to backup more than one Windows server by partition or by logical drives
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server and similar database apps transfer their data in blocks so you don’t need to worry about them being open

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