How We Work

With Our Network Support And IT Management Services, We Make Technology A Powerful Tool To Increase Profitability, Productivity for Businesses In the Greater Ottawa Area Instead Of Being A Constant Problem That Costs You Time And Money.

I can’t say enough about the staff of NeoLore Networks Inc. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive, the experts at NeoLore take care of IT so we can take care of business.

David McRobie
David S McRobie Architects

There are two sides to technology: it can give rise to a more profitable, efficient and successful organization or it can be a pain in the neck using up your precious resources. Therefore, businesses in and around the Greater Ottawa Area, turn to us for the installation and computer network technology support their business' needs.

NeoLore promises to-

  • First get to know in depth your business, your expectations and your budget.
  • Give you the IT services you want, NOT what we want.
  • Take advance action with computer support to avoid disastrous data loss and down time from happening instead of reacting to the fire.
  • Back up all that we recommend by presenting 100% satisfaction- guaranteed.

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